WireMock Live! (6)

WireMock Live!


CSV Data Import

Thursday, May 16, 2024   |   8am 8:30am PST (4 pm GMT)

Join us for a live demo showing you how to utilize the latest WireMock Cloud capabilities, including CSV Data Import.

Dynamically bring test data for use with your Mock APIs via either CSV or a connection to a SQL database. These data sources let you dynamically populate new test data without having to rebuild or modify your mock APIs.

Learn from WireMock Cloud Experts

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Dan Perovich
Head of Sales Engineering and Customer Success

Dan Perovich is a seasoned Sales Engineer recognized for his ability to bridge the gap between technology and business. With a proven track record of delivering technical expertise to drive sales and revenue growth, Dan combines his deep technical knowledge with persuasive communication skills to empower organizations with the right solutions. His passion for solving complex technical challenges and forging meaningful client relationships has established him as a key contributor in the various software companies where he has worked.  He is based in the Washington, DC area.